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Fast Flying Change

Fast Flying Change


Sometimes you want fast progress, but you don’t want to cut corners on your growth! In this package we’ll start with three regular coaching sessions either live or via Zoom, then we’ll take a deep dive at the farm to complete the full package. This package is usually completed within 1-2 months.

Everyone’s coaching program is unique and very dependent on , but some of the possible topics we’ll cover include

* Wheel of life exercise to define where to focus

* Exploration of your personal values and how they align with your life

* Examine patterns of thinking that may be holding you back or hindering your progress

* Special time with the horses to help you tap into your own intuition and align your life

  • What we'll do

    Each person's coaching experience is unique based on what they need. Here is a list of topics we may cover in a 7 session package:

    • Wheel of Life
    • Core Value exploration
    • Modes of thinking & self sabotage
    • Your core needs
    • Paths to authenticity 
    • Vision & Goal setting
    • Accountability
  • What's included?

    3 regular individual sessions at the farm or via zoom (usually 60-90 minutes each), followed by 1 deep dive day at the farm.  (4-5 hours with lunch included).  We usually complete the series within 1-2 months  

    Check in emails in between sessions

    Indiidualized exercises and worksheets based on client needs

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