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Welcome to Flying Changes, LLC,  

"A Mind-Body and Horse Guided Journey to Personal Growth"

Flying Changes offers the following services: 

  • Personal Life Strategy Coaching

  • Transformation Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Team Building

  • Business Change Advisory Services


In addition to one-on-one coaching, Flying Changes offers day-long sessions at the farm, retreats, group coaching, team building, and yoga.   


Why did I get into Coaching?  

Some personal background: 

  • For more than 25 years the primary focus of my career has been helping organizations navigate big change and transformation.  Over these years I've learned a bit about how people move through change, why and how resistance shows up, and what we can do to help people overcome it.   It turns out that the things that hold businesses back from organizational transformation are very similar to the things that hold individuals back from personal transformation.    

  • Over this same period of time I have been a part time yoga, mindfulness, and meditation instructor.  Much of what I've learned through this practice and teaching is directly transferable into all other aspects of daily life. In short, these practices keep me sane, grounded, and joyful.

  • Almost 8 years ago my husband and I bought a small horse boarding and training facility in Chatham county. We were pretty much horse novices at the time, so we have learned a lot in the last 8 years!! One of the things I have learned is how incredibly in tune they are to your feelings and emotions.  (I'll talk more about that below.) 


I believe that Coaching, and especially Equine Assisted Coaching, incorporates and pulls together all of the best elements of my background, and aligns with my values and my strengths.  Best of all, it allows me to help others find and reach their own potential. 

What is coaching?  And how is it different from therapy? 

When someone is feeling "stuck," overwhelmed, unable to move forward, or simply unsure of which direction to take coaching can help.  Perhaps they have a clear idea of where they want to go, but can't quite seem to ever get there.  Coaching can help here too.  As a coach I help my clients reconnect with themselves in a state of wholeness, autonomy, wisdom, and power to achieve self-actualization.  I help clients and examine patterns of thinking and habits in their lives that may be holding them back.  I'll help clients identify and release the old patterns while developing new ways of thinking and calling on their inner wisdom to move forward.  

There are a lot of ways that coaching is different from therapy, but here are 2 primary distinctions: 

1. A coach does not diagnose or treat mental illness.  The assumption in coaching is that the client is not suffering from a mental disorder, clinical depression, or otherwise incapable of directing their lives.  Rather, the coaching client may be overwhelmed, hitting a "rough patch," feeling "stuck" or out of sync with their lives, or need to make a shift in behavior patterns that are impacting their lives in a negative way.  If I am concerned that a client may be out of my scope of practice as a coach I will refer them to a mental health provider. 

2. Coaching is forward looking and focused on developing action steps to move ahead.  Therapy often looks back to uncover the root cause or trauma that may be impacting the client's life.  In the coaching process a client will likely uncover some root causes, and that will certainly help them, but the focus is on looking ahead.  

Sometimes coaching and therapy can work in tandem to reach the best outcomes for a client’s life. 

They check for congruence between what you try to present and how you really show up.  They'll let you know in subtle (or not so subtle) ways when that congruence is off.  And because they're big, they require your attention when you're with them.  They bring you directly into the present moment, so that you can be fully engaged in the work taking place within yourself. 

Do I always incorporate the horses?

The methods I use work with or without the horses.  I have clients who meet me at the farm, others who work via Zoom, and some where we agree on a completely different meeting place that works for both of us. Overall the method is about reconnecting you with who you are.  Each journey is different and will be tailored to your needs, goals, input, and preferences.  We may explore mindfulness, somatics, or yoga to help you reconnect with your body; or coaching tools, personal inquiry, and shadow work to reconnect with your values and intuition. We may spend time outside to reconnect with nature and get grounded. And, working with the horses will teach you more about yourself than you thought possible.  

What methods do I use?

EquineFlow / InterFlow Certified:

I am a level 2 certified EquineFlow / InterFlow practitioner.  The EquineFlow / InterFlow methods are based in neuroscience and rooted in positive psychology. The approach integrates intentional neuroplasticity, with proven ancient self-healing techniques, powerful corporate learning strategies, over 35+ modalities for human growth, and equine assisted learning.  We provide the tools for the client to tap into their own knowledge and come up with solutions that are aligned with their values and their personal strengths. (For more information on EquineFlow visit the website:

25+ Years of Yoga, Mindfulness & Meditation

The somatic practices of yoga help you observe, listen, and uncover the intelligence within yourself.  These practices may include asana (yoga postures / physical movement), pranayama (breathing practices designed to bring mental clarity and promote relaxation), and meditation (to develop a clear understanding of the mind’s likes & attractions and dislikes & repulsions.) Together or separately, the practices of yoga can help us find and develop equanimity in all of life’s circumstances. We create a greater awareness and relationship with the functioning of our bodies, especially in how we react/relate to stress.  Through practice we can uncover ways to remove/improve long term patterns of embodying stress.

A Career of Managing Change

For more than 25 years my career has been in the business of helping businesses transform.  Whether going through a change in organizational structure, employing new methods and tools on the job, developing a specific corporate culture, or all three! My day job has been helping organizations go through change.  The truth is, organizations don't change; the people within them do.  My job has been to ensure that people not only have the tools they need to make the change, but also to develop the strategies and coaching to help people see the value and create the desire to make the change. 

Get in touch!

What about the horses? 

Horses see you as you are without any preconceived notion of who you should be.  You are not beautiful or ugly, fat or thin, broken or whole; you are energy. Because they are prey animals they are deeply in tune to the energy you bring.  Sometimes they know more about how you feel than you do. 

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