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Open Leadership Workshop - Connection

At work, at home, or with friends - we create better relationships when we understand who we really are and what holds us back. We'll schedule this open workshop periodically. Connect with me for dates.

(All day workshop: 9:00 am - 4:30)

Flying Changes is all about connection. In this workshop we'll explore how connection impacts our happiness, productivity, and relationships. Working from the inside out you'll learn how to strengthen connection and build joy.

The 3 phases:

1. Connect with yourself: Internal connection and your inner dialog - what stories do you tell yourself and how do they impact your messages?

2. Connect with the horses: Your outer projection - how does your inner dialog impact the way you are perceived?

3. Connect with nature: How does spending time in the natural world help us better connect?

4. Application: Based on everything we've learned and with some help from the herd, we'll develop a plan to deepen all of your connections.

What methods will we use?

This is a very experiential workshop; active participation is required. We’ll use a combination of instruction, discussion, journaling, and guided activities (with and without the horses.)

What do the horses bring?

Communication between horses seems very simple, yet there is a lot of underlying complexity in their herd organization. We’ll look at the roles they play, how these roles influence their communication styles, and how they determine who they look to for leadership. Using the concepts of congruency, care, and consistency we’ll explore the lessons we can take from herd dynamics and incorporate them into our daily lives. We’ll work one on one with the horses to discover the role our personal energy plays in our connections, and how we can guide that energy in a way that facilitates healthy relationships.

What else should I expect?

The workshop will be held in the barn and outdoors, rain or shine.

Dress casually and for the weather.

Closed toed shoes are required.

Coffee in the morning, lunch and snacks will be provided.

We’re on a working farm. You are very likely to get dirty.

Optional: Close the day with a trip to Fire Clay Cellars winery to celebrate!

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