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Flying Changes

Coaching, Leadership, Team building


Change Management Consulting 


A mind/body and horse guided journey to personal growth 

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When it's time for a change

In Business

They say change is hard, but I think that the belief that things will not change is what really causes suffering.  I've spent more than 20 years helping people navigate business changes, helping teams come together, and helping leaders flourish. 

Perhaps your organization is going through a transformation and you need a seasoned change professional to help you through it. 

Perhaps you need guidance in new servant leadership models, or maybe your team or group is just stuck or struggling. Something needs to change, but you're not sure how to facilitate that change.

Flying Changes can help. We takes a coaching approach to navigating change, examining leadership styles, and getting teams back on track.  get ready to make a flying change!

In Life

You know you're ready for something different.  Maybe find yourself dealing with the same issues over and over again.  Something needs to change, but you're not sure in which direction you should go.

Whether we work one-to-one or in a group workshop, Flying Changes is about examining patterns of thinking and habits that have you stuck.  Then helping you find the tools to develop a willingness to pick up new patterns that will get you un-stuck; all while keeping a quiet mind, an open heart and faith in your own ability.  That's when you'll move ahead.  If you want to live a life that is more in line with who you really are, get in touch and get ready to make a flying change!

What is a Flying Change?  

Known as a flying lead change, it is a high level move in horsemanship when a horse, mid-flight changes their lead leg in the canter or lope from right to left, or vice versa.  It requires a great deal of balance and equilibrium, openness to a new way of moving, willingness to suspend an old pattern and pick up a new one while continuing to move forward, a quiet mind, an open heart, and faith in one's own ability.  

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Why work with Roz?

Connection & Alignment

We all need connection - to others, to nature, and mostly to ourselves.  When we are connected and living in alignment with our own values and strengths then we can thrive.

Roz uses a combination of coaching tools, change methods, mind body practices, horse wisdom, and the natural beauty of the land to help you connect and align with your highest purpose. 

Roz' unique experience

I bring together all elements of my background to help you find your path.  

Navigating Change - Leadership - Team Building


Personal Growth - Career Coaching - Wellness

  • Certified EquineFlow practitioner and Coach

  • Mind/body/spirit connection: 25+ years of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practice, teaching, and leading teachers

  • Direct experience with adult learning: developing content, thoughtful instruction, ability to incorporate what each student brings to a group

  • Logic and pragmatism of the business world: A Prosci certified change leader with more than 25 years experience in consulting, strategy development, change management, project management, communication & training, and facilitating team interactions.

  • Trauma informed personal life experiences


We work on "sacred ground"

This is what my first client called coming to the farm: "Sacred Ground."  There is definitely an energy that draws people in, calms them down, and makes them want to come back.  Just about everyone who comes to the farm comments on how peaceful they feel.  This place is a place of healing.  It has worked its magic on me, and I've seen it work its magic on others.  If you're open to what it has to offer, it can work its magic on you too.

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Why Horses?

Horses see you as you are without any preconceived notion of who you should be.  You are not beautiful or ugly, fat or thin, broken or whole; you are energy. Because horses are prey animals they are in tune to the energy you bring. Sometimes they know how you feel more than you do. Horses check for congruence between what you present, and how you really show up.  They'll let you know in subtle (or not so subtle) ways when that congruence is off. Because they are herd animals they have a complex social structure designed for the safety and benefit of the herd.  We can learn a lot about leadership, team building, parenting, partnership, and ourselves by paying attention to and interacting with the horses.

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Roz Tyburski

Flying Changes, LLC

631 Ferguson Rd, Siler City NC

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What people are saying...

Roz Nevin Tyburski is a wonderful Transformation Coach. Her background as a Performance Coach for Volvo, as a Yoga Teacher, Mother, Wife and Horsewoman are the ingredients which have produced a well rounded caring, intelligent, competent and grounded Equine Assisted Coach. I feel so fortunate to have worked with her. While coaching is not therapy working with  Roz was extremely therapeutic. Each session offered new information about the brain, exercises to aid in self discovery, help identifying core values and how to implement a plan using this information. Roz helped me create forward momentum for change and to stay on my desired path. I arrived to coaching feeling depressed and  fearful of the future due to a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. In the course of only six sessions I was able  to shift myself into a state of feeling hopeful and empowered about the future. Roz gave me the tools and self awareness I needed. I finished with concrete goals and a realistic strategy of how to attain and maintain them. I would highly recommend working with Roz if one is dealing with any life transition be it adjusting to a new diagnosis, job issues, relationship problems or looking to have a better quality of life and more Joy. I loved being at the calm oasis of the farm in the sun and wind with Roz and her horses.
Nance Murphy 64 yo Mother, Wife, Yogi and Nurse Practitioner

"This was really a life saving and life re-defining experience for me... Roz and Cisco her horse helped me start to feel hopeful and empowered."

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