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Living in Alignment


In my blog post “What do horses know about coaching?” I talked about how horses check for congruency.

In other words -

Do we present ourselves in a way that is consistent with how we really show up?

Congruency is about living in alignment with your values and your strengths. Every time you make a choice to live in a way that compromises your values, it will show up in your life in some way.

It might start as simply being dissatisfied with some aspect of your life, perhaps your job or a relationship. From there it can become negative self-talk, which will serve to further solidify and even increase this dissatisfaction; only instead of dissatisfaction with just your job or a relationship,

you are now dissatisfied with yourself.

Eventually, it can manifest itself in a more physical way. We store our feelings in our bodies;

dis-ease in our lives often leads to disease in our bodies.

As we become more disconnected from who we really are, and who we really want to be, our relationships can start to suffer. We fall into patterns of thinking and behaviors that further compromise who we really want to be.

What's even worse is that these patterns feel “normal” and become very hard to disengage.

It can have a spiral effect that impacts every part of who we are.

How do we get out of this spiral

Step 1 is to identify and completely understand our values and our strengths.

Step 2 is to identify the patterns of thinking and behavior that sabotage our values and ignore our strengths.

Step 3 is to consciously bring those values and strengths into our daily lives and the decisions we make.

Does it feel like your thoughts are simply an involuntary response to what’s going on in your life?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can have control over your thoughts.

The key is to start with small changes to course correct our lives.

Once these small changes begin to feel “normal” then we can take on bigger steps to bring ourselves back into alignment.

When we shift into alignment, our thinking changes.

What are your values?

Mine are…

  • Joy

  • Connection (internal, external, nature)

  • Growth

  • Trust

  • Spirit

  • Joy (Yes, I listed Joy twice.)

Once I was able to identify what was really important to me, then I could identify where I was out of sync. Then I started to make the changes in my life to move into alignment.

And you can too.

In Flying Changes everything I offer and everything I do will be consciously in alignment with these values. If I do my job right (and I plan to), everything you get out of working with me will be consciously in alignment with your values.

Why not just help you align with my values? (I mean, hey, they're pretty good values.) Join me next time where I’ll explore the concept of advice, and why it’s important that you take your own and not mine.


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