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Nature is Calling

I grew up in a time without internet. Don't worry, I'm not going to wax on about how great "the good old days" were. I'm a big fan of technology and progress.

I love the fact that we can hold the sum total of human information in the palm of our hand. I like that social media has allowed me to reconnect with old friends I never would have seen nor heard from again otherwise. When GPS first came out I was traveling a lot for work and it was a Godsend for getting around strange cities, especially late at night. I'm a big fan of ChatGPT & Bard AI, and I'm finding more and more ways they can help my life. I enjoy creating digital art as much as getting messy with real paint.


But there are things I miss.


Before GPS, I had an excellent sense of direction.

Before smartphones I could keep dozens of phone numbers in my head. I'm now connected to more people, but close with fewer of them.


There is often a big inconsistency between how people present themselves on social media and how they really feel and show up in life. As animals, our instincts tell us to look for this inconsistency in real life. It gives us an indication of who can be trusted, and who might be dangerous.


Have we lost the instinct of discernment?


Does that make us less trustful overall? Do we sense danger around every corner?


Staring into that little bright screen at night suppresses melatonin and interrupts our sleep cycles. ( This takes us out of our own natural rhythm.


In what other ways do you see us becoming disconnected with our ourselves and our natural world?


What other instincts have we lost along the way?


It seems that the more connected we are to our technology, the more disconnected we get from each other, our instincts, and the natural rhythms of this planet we call home. As we turn towards technology does it have to mean


we turn our backs on nature?


How has this impacted our mental health?

 How has this impacted our planet?

 Does it have to be either/or?


Can it be yes/and?


I propose that turning towards technology does not have to mean turning away from nature. We can hold space for both in our lives. And it will make us nicer, happier people. But it might take conscious effort.


This year I am taking deliberate steps to turn towards nature, to keep my senses sharp, and my instincts in tact.


I invite you to join me.


We can start by tuning in to the moon.

During a lunar month there are eight key moon phases. Each one is like a checkpoint to keep us on track in our journey.

Lunar cycles help us focus on the ebb and flow of energy, from the high energy during a Full Moon to the waxing and waning energies throughout the cycle. When we work alongside this cosmic energy, we naturally become more attuned to our own inner emotions and connections.


Align with the moon and live with mindfulness, rhythm, and reflection. For 3 lunar cycles we will meet every other week on (or near) the new and full moons. Have your journal ready. With the new moon we will set intentions and goals for the coming period that are connected to your purpose and vision. With the full moon we will reflect on our wins & accomplishments, and adjust our actions as needed.


We start on January 11th with the new Wolf moon.

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