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Workshops &
Group Coaching

If connection is what you crave there is no better way to find it than with a supportive group.  Flying Changes offers several workshops and group coaching events. 

Growth and healing through community.


Connection … is the word for this workshop. Our goal is to establish
connection. Connection with your inner wisdom, connection with each
other, connection with nature and the world around us.  We connect so that we can realign with our life's purpose. 
We'll meet once a week for 2 hours for seven weeks.   Each week the theme will be connected to an element & corresponding chakra.  
We will move and we will be still. We will go in and we will express out. As
you reconnect with your own inner wisdom, we will connect with each other, and we will establish our connection to the world around us. We'll use a combination of coaching tools, meditation, yoga movement, art, journaling and conversation.  In the end you'll create your path forward. 

A day with the horses

What can horses tell you about your life and the stories you tell yourself?  Come find out in this one day workshop at Carolina Morning Stables.  We'll explore patterns of thinking and behavior that may be holding you back or keeping you stuck, and we'll get a little guidance from our equine friends on how to move forward. 

This workshop will include lunch.

Re-Align Weekend at Carolina Morning Stables

In this version of Re-Align we will meet at the farm for an intensive weekend of connection and growth. We'll follow the same format as the weekly Re-Align, but in an highly focused 3-day series, and including work with the horses.  You will be able to totally immerse yourself into the work.  The connections you create over this weekend (with yourself, with nature, and with others) will last a lifetime. 

The workshop includes, coffee, snacks, and lunch.  Camping on the farm is available and welcomed.

Yoga for Emotional Health

In this 9 session series we will explore Rasa Yoga - the yoga of emotion. Every emotion, every trauma, every event is stored in your body.  Over time the dis-ease that you store can turn to disease unless you learn to recognize it, and work it out.  In this series we'll explore the 9 Rasas and their sub Rasas, take a look at our own "go to" methods for responding when these emotions arise, and learn some healthy ways to handle and then flush negative emotions from our systems.  

What Our Clients Say


I would highly recommend working with Roz if one is dealing with any life transition be it adjusting to a new diagnosis, job issues, relationship problems or looking to have a better quality of life and more Joy. I loved being at the calm oasis of the farm in the sun and wind with Roz and her horses.

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