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Welcome to Flying Changes

Flying Changes is a mind-body and horse guided journey to personal growth.

I’m here to help people make flying changes. In their lives.

And my horses have all agreed to help. (Especially Cisco!)

Exactly what is a Flying Change?

Known as a flying lead change, it is when a horse, mid-flight changes their lead leg in the canter or lope from right to left, or vice versa. It requires a great deal of balance and equilibrium, openness to a new way of moving, and the willingness to suspend an old pattern and pick up a new one while continuing to move forward. It also helps to have a quiet mind, an open heart, and faith in one's own ability.

Have you ever felt like you were stuck and ready for a change … needed a change … but the thought of it made you feel off-balance, or out of equilibrium? Maybe you were open to a new way of moving and willing to suspend old patterns that held you back, but you weren’t quite sure what those patterns were, or how to go about letting them go.

Maybe you feel that way right now.

Or perhaps your life is great, but you’d like to keep growing, or learn how to be more centered and at peace with yourself. My mindfulness, intuition, and yoga classes can help with that. As I grow in my business, I’ll develop more to keep you growing too!

Or maybe you just wish you had someone to talk to about the stress in your life.

No matter what is going on with you, I invite you to follow along and see where this adventure takes me. I promise I’ll share what I learn along the way.


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